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Development milestones of Magnetar Asia:

A group of training mentors who learn design thinking, since they are classmates, I hope everyone can build a platform for mentors to cooperate with each other.

The outbreak of the epidemic in Hong Kong, the mentors discussed together and agreed to transform it into an online mentor platform.

Magnetar Asia (referred to as MA) was initially established, and the youngest mentor SL in the mentor group was appointed as the main shareholder (83%). Another mentor, Dexter Cheng, also became a technology shareholder, and the two became the helmsmen of the entire MA.

Shareholders raised funds and successfully launched the MA platform

Initially conceived to establish a fully automated learning platform, and decided to temporarily use Thinkific as the LMS, and the tutors tried to take a selfie learning video

29/05 Launched the first public event , broadcast for three consecutive days, opened up the popularity, and more tutors took the initiative to contact and join the MA platform

Start to conduct weekly Facebook live, so that instructors can become familiar with online operations

Launched the Webinar movement. Each month, different tutors will charge Webinar. Director Dexter Cheng temporarily left the MA board of directors due to immigrating to Canada. Marcus Tai and Michael Kwong joined the board of directors.

Decided to prepare for Career Forum and launch it at the end of October

31/10 Carried out Career Forum Facebook live, the response was very enthusiastic

Michael Kwong temporarily resigns as director due to personal reasons
13/12 For personal reasons, SL proposed to dismiss all MA positions, handed over MA shares, completely withdrew from MA, held an extraordinary general meeting of shareholders the next day, accepted SL’s resignation, and elected new board members on the same day, including the chairman of the board of directors Dexter Cheng, Vice Chairman Carvin Lai, Directors Marcus Tai and Michael Kwong.

18/12 Appointed Cindy Yu as the fifth member of MA’s board of directors, and repositioned MA as a quantum enterprise, using quantum leadership and quantum architecture as the management model, and Marcus Tai as the chief quantum officer mainly coordinates the activities of different quantum groups

Use <磁星汇> as the company’s Chinese name
From B2C to B2B development, launch 3C as a business category: Course / Coaching / Consulting
Cooperate with All Masters World to develop B2C personal brand development

Entrusted P&J consulting to assist MA to promote business development, set a goal of earning 800,000 yuan in three months, and entrust Marcus Tai as the representative of MA, plus Dexter Cheng and Michael Kwong as the core team


Remark : Magnetar's advantage

1. Has nearly 40 professional and senior corporate training instructors
2. Cantonese teaching platform started by Hong Kong people, a new brand of online learning platform
3. Regularly hold Facebook Live online activities to establish an active learning community
4. The leadership includes senior training mentors, training project incubation experts, quantum mind coaches, inheritance experts, etc.
5. The platform is managed in a new quantum organization model and developed in a quantum leap mode
6. In less than 10 months since its establishment, a number of large-scale Facebook events have been held and more than 2 million contacts
7. The platform is strongly supported by veterans in the training industry
8. The platform has quantum-level innovation capabilities, and constantly launches new products or services

VIP Guest Speakers of "Building With One Heart - Post-Epidemic Rainbow"

Dr. David S. Cheung

Ms Virginia Choi JP. Virginia

Mr. Samuel Lau

Ms Astrid Chan Chi Ching

Dr. Alex Cheung

Mr. Stephen Tsai

Dr. Chou Wah Shan

Dr Amen Lee

Dr. Red Chan


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