Nathan Cheng

* Director at Magnetar Asia * Director of Quantum Leadership Research Academy * Sales Director of Universal Exports *Innovation Manager
* Design Thinking Facilitator * STEM Robot Programming Trainer * NFT and Metaverse Innovator

"Bridge the gaps of generations, technology and the virtual world for Businesses & People."

In the world of Metaverse....

Crypto currency and NFTs has been a buzz word topic for business for some while now. With crazy fluctuations of price and value many people has suspected the problem of whether these ideology of a online currency works, or is it just another trend to fade away soon.

We would say that the core concept of cryptos are built to last. Despite of the frequent usage in the fields of fund raising NFT actually has a lot more to offer.

We will share how and why does the blockchain technology work, and help you develop the idea of what can you make the best use out of these tools.



My Professional & Training Experience

After studying in the UK in Game Design, Nathan returned to Hong Kong in 2016 and ventured into various industries. He has been a typical slasher taking diverse roles as Innovation Manager, Design Thinking Facilitator, and recently, STEM Robot Programming Trainer, and NFT and Metaverse Innovator and Trainer.


Some of my served clients

Catholic Mission School, Asiaworks,