Raindy Yu

Certified Hellinger Sciencia® Facilitator / International Systemic Constellation Master Trainer and Facilitator /  Family and Organisation Mediations Coach

“What you attend to in this moment become your reality” – William James

What do we need to prepare for the future?

Having a high consciousness of awareness, connecting with heart; nurturing our soul, fully aligned with body, mind, heart is the lifestyle for the future urbanites. From my psychology training to the realm of spirituality; I will help you upgrade your operating system through different tools, skills, and exercises to raise your consciousness and awareness so you can “know thyself” more; explore your meaning of life and actualize your growth mindset!


My Training Experience

The Mission Covenant Church, Fanling
Shun Tak Fraternal Association Tuen Mun Leung Lee Sau Yu Kindergarten
KJ Wellness Studio “Mindfulness at work”
CUHK EMBA Alumni Association “Mindful Leadership”
Volunteer MBSR group for Christian Action
Mindfulness Matter for children from 5-7.
Manulife (International) Ltd “Introduction of Corporate-Base Mindfulness Training”
Fung Kai No. 1 Secondary School. F.2 & F.4 鳳溪第一中學: 「如何透過靜觀提升學習能力」
Fung Kai No. 1 Secondary School for Teacher. 鳳溪第一中學: 『靜觀中教學相長』
Team building for Gender Department, CUHK
Stress Reduction program through sound therapy. We Work
Sound Healing, vibrational magic. Haw Par Music
Singing Bowl therapy as an alternative option to build your holistic health , Orch Music Academy
Dealing your stress with 10 minutes “time out” session, Stan Group
Singing bowl for better Self-Care, luncheon online program. HKWPEA
Sound bath with singing bowl and mindfulness experience. Eaton Hotel
Sharing on TVB, how elderly deal with stress with singing bowl.
HR Clarity, HR magazine
Cultivating Relationship in the midst of Covid 19. WifA


My Certificates and Rewards

NLP Practitioner
Play Therapist (Certificate of Occupational Competence)
Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction Course (MBSR)
9-Day MBSR Teacher Training Practicum Intensive
Corporate-Based Mindfulness Training® (CBMT®)
Mindfulness Certificate Course for Treating Kids and Teenager (Dr. Christopher Willard) Certified Practitioner in Amora Freedom Technique (AFT)
Certificate of Level 3 Kundalini Yoga Therapy Training: VISION OF THE TWISTED HAIR by Kundalini Medicine.
Level I & II Tibetan Scared Sound Healing Therapy.
Neuroscience-informed CBT (n-CBT) for Emotional Disorders - Certificate Course
Certificate of the Academy for Mindful Teaching (AMT children’s trainer or Mindful teacher of the ‘Mindfulness Matters’ method) by Eline Snel Evidence-based treatment for ADHD - Certificate Course
Forensic Assessment, Court repot & Expert witness training for mental professionals -- Certificate Course
Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for psychological disorders. - Certificate Course
Psychological Trauma & Post Traumatic Stress Disorder - Certificate Course


Some of my served clients

Sun Life
Hong Kong Women Professionals & Entrepreneurs Association
Gender Studies Programme
Haw Par Music
Fung Kai Secondary School
HR Magazine Stan Group