Rebecca Szeto

Certified Hellinger Sciencia® Facilitator International Systemic Constellation Master Trainer and Facilitator
Family and Organisation Mediations Coach

Enabling you actually “see and understand” the invisible dynamics behind your personal and business issues

Go beyond your logical conclusions …

Systemic constellations are the most effective methods of discovering the deepest structure of what is really going on. This approach makes it possible to reveal the hidden dynamics of the situations from a broader perspective. In most cases, it can tap into unconscious connections, and reveal resolutions to seemingly unsolvable problems.

Some issues, both personal as well as business, are simply not solvable by logical deduction and linear analysis. When you find yourself in such a situation you need approaches that will reveal the hidden forces which drive the system. These can be issues concerning relationships or people problems, such as:

  • Whom to promote, or who else is your alliances?
  • How to understand your customers’ true motivations
  • Prototyping which service or product is likely to succeed in the market
  • Simulating which important business decisions are viable and substantial to your organisation
  • Revealing hidden forces that influence your business internally and externally
  • Resolving conflicts among affiliations, inter-department and divisional issues

My Training Experience

Rebecca has been facilitating Systemic Constellations globally in 25 countries since 2001 (worked extensively in Europe, Asia, China, and the Middle East), is often invited as a guest speaker at the International Conferences..

Provide family, family business, and organizational consulting and coaching services, effectively handle systems dynamics and invisible problems, see-through blind spots, clarify obstacles and objectives. She has dealt with more than serval thousand families and organizations over the years.

Hosted an Interactive Television program ''Relationship 360°'' in Hong Kong and presented Family Constellation works over 28 episodes on one of the prime television channels in China.

For four consecutive years, cooperated with Hong Kong social welfare service organizations to hold the “Father, Mother and I” events in Hong Kong.

In cooperation with the Nanyang Foundation for five consecutive years, has hosted a series of work on improving women's life quality, physical and mental health. Providing Counselling services on a series of workshops about “divorce/separations/single-parent families” in Malaysia.

Rebecca has had over 16 years of experience in Corporate Management and Consultancy. She had managed the Information Technology group in eleven countries in the Asia Pacific, taught Information Systems at the University of Hong Kong and the Hong Kong Chinese University.


My Certificates

Master Degree in Information Systems
Bachelor Degree in Mathematics
Certified Hellinger Sciencia® Facilitator (2008) - directly trained by the founder of Family Constellations Bert Hellinger in Germany
International Systemic Constellation Master Trainer and Facilitator WSCO World Systemic Constellations Organisation


Some of my served clients

World Systemic Constellations
Organisation WSCO
Instituto VOCE Brazil
Psynapse France
Psynapse Tunisia,
Yayadan Nanyang Press Malaysia
Asia Pacific Early Childhood Education Association
Institute of Mental Health Research Centre
Guangzhou China
Horizontal Resources Institute
Management Consultant HRI Shanghai China
Guangzhou Broadcasting Network
Guangzhou China
Hong Kong International Coaching Community HKICC Hong Kong
Health & Lifestyle Channel TICTV Hong Kong
Hong Kong Family Welfare Society
Harmony House
Hong Kong Single Parent Association
Hong Kong Catholic Marriage Counselling Association
Home Care for Girls
Hong Kong Society for the Prevention of Child Abuse